A two-day intensive workshop in which Joel Salatin will be sharing his extensive knowledge about sustainable food production, fertility management, animal husbandry, water, grazing, compost, fencing, low-cost portable infrastructures, direct marketing, staff management, and much more.

· APRIL 18-19 2018 ·




A two-day intensive workshop in which Joel Salatin will be sharing his extensive knowledge about sustainable food production, fertility management, animal husbandry, water, grazing, compost, fencing, low-cost portable infrastructures, direct marketing, staff management, and much more.

· APRIL 18-19 2018 ·



The author will be signing his book Esto no es normal, el granjero que ama a los animales



· April 17th, 2018 at 5.00 pm ·

Impact Hub Madrid, Calle la Alameda, 22 - 28014 Madrid


If you are a new farmer, a future farmer, an experienced farmer, an established environmental activist, a conscious consumer, or the owner of a small piece of land that could produce more (and more efficiently), then this is your course. Those of you who want to break through limitations and earn a good living from meaningful work are invited to join us for this life-changing workshop with the incredible Joel Salatin.

Diente de León and Dehesa El Milagro invite you to Joel Salatin’s masterclass. Joel Salatin is a visionary farmer known internationally as one of the most relevant figures in the field of agroecology. Time magazine named him “the best farmer in the world”. He’s been developing a unique methodology for the last fifty years on his farm, Polyface, growing highly nutrient-dense food and, at the same time, regenerating the land, with a clear focus on economic viability.

In this masterclass Joel Salatin will be speaking about one of the oldest and most promising callings that exist: becoming a talented farmer.

We are honored to offer this masterclass to you.  It will not only improve your farm´s sales and profits but will also build a network of innovative agricultural projects that will change our society for the better.  Caring for the land means nurturing for the future.

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Joel Salatin is a role model for many of the new farmers in the world, and the face and voice behind Polyface, his family farm in Virginia (USA). Prolific writer (he’s written more than ten books, including Folks, This Ain’t Normal, recently published in Spanish by Diente de León) and provocative speaker, Salatin has been featured in several high-impact documentaries and books.

His public appearances are uniquely vibrant, sharing his more than twenty years of experience innovating ethically in the practice of animal husbandry. He spends most of his time on his farm, Polyface, where hundreds of farmers visit him and his family from all over the United States to learn the practices that have enabled them to regenerate soils, landscapes and lives. Even though Salatin has spoken all over the world, he is not often in Europe.  It´s even more rare to have him in Spain, where we now have the pleasure to receive Joel for the second time.


In this masterclass Joel Salatin will discuss in detail how his iconic farm Polyface works, speaking in depth about the essential aspects and managerial skills needed on a Polyface-style farm: access to land, finances, marketing, staff, partnerships, fertility management, water management, grazing plans, fencing, stacking species, grass finishing, portable low-cost infrastructures, and much more. All of it sprinkled with his particular vision of the world and his unique narrative.

Our visit to the host (Dehesa El Milagro) and the surrounding fields and facilities will allow us to go from theory to practice. These tours will provide us a glimpse into a living example of a fully functional organic agricultural business, where many of the strategies that Joel will be talking about are already being implemented.

This masterclass will be complemented with several advanced subject-focused Q&A sessions, where more experienced attendees, or those who have previously attended a course with Joel, will be able to extract all the knowledge from our wonderful speaker. Of course, all attendees, no matter their knowledge or experience, are welcome to ask their questions during the advanced sessions and at the end of all sections.

We will provide a space dedicated to companies and organizations whose activities are related to this type of methodology and philosophy.  This is an unparalleled opportunity for networking that will surely be the icing on the cake of this event.

All attendees will receive materials that support the contents learned in the masterclass.  

The masterclass is taught in English. Simultaneous translation into Spanish will be available for those attendees who need it.

The masterclass starts on Wednesday at 9:30 and finishes on Thursday at 18.00.


Dehesa El Milagro is an organic farm that was born from a desire to get closer to nature, with the goal of producing from the land and raising animals in a sustainable and respectful manner to provide healthy, organic food to the public.

Counseled by Darren Doherty from its beginnings, and after seven years of hard work, El Milagro has become a reference in Spain for organic management, developing all productive areas (agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture), as well as food processing and direct sales.

It is an honour to have a venue like this available for the masterclass, not to mention the invaluable input and support of El Milagro’s technical team in the organization of the event. We are sure that this course will be a milestone in the development of the Polyface methodology in Spain and Europe.



To facilitate the logistics of the attendees, the organizers have compiled the following list of nearby accommodations. Please consult with them regarding availability and pricing. The Oropesa Parador is offering a special fee of 100 € for a double room per night. To make the reservation call +34 925430000 or send an email to Make sure to say that you are participating in Joel Salatin´s masterclass in the Dehesa El Milagro.




Make the most out of Joel Salatin’s masterclass by making connections with clients, finding collaborators, or promoting your organization. We offer you a dedicated spot to showcase your work so that all the attendees can get to know you and your project better.

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Diente de Leon is a publishing company that has two main goals: to publish books and organize educational events related to ecology, medicinal plants, health, nutrition, body and mind. These issues are vital for the growth of a society that seeks to connect with the threads of a full and healthy life. In order to do this we work with writers in which we believe both for their quality as experts in their fields as for their sensitivity and great communication skills.


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