Sunday April 16th at 12.00 noon

The Kampong Botanical Garden
4013 South Douglas Rd
Miami, FL 33133

Is it possible to produce healthy food and at the same time mitigate climate change and take care of our environment?

Francesc Font is a farmer, teacher and writer who was raised by a family of farmers that has been dedicated to agriculture for nine generations.

Arraigados en la tierra (Rooted in the Earth) provides you with the keys to how food can be produced in harmony with natural cycles without losing sight of science. In this model, known as «regenerative agriculture», the problem becomes the solution, and we go from exploiting resources to promoting natural processes that regenerate what we have lost and deteriorated over the last decades.


The Kampong Botanical Garden, Coconut Grove, FL

Located on Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, Florida, The Kampong contains a fascinating array of tropical fruit cultivars and flowering trees. Named for the Malay or Javanese word for a village or cluster of houses, The Kampong is the former estate of Dr. David Fairchild, the famed botanical explorer who traveled throughout Southeast Asia and other tropical regions collecting exotic plants he introduced to the U.S.

Kampong Planting Heritage collections from Southeast Asia, Central and South Americas, the Caribbean, and other tropical locales create a cornucopia of exotic fruit, including candle fruit, peanut butter fruit, egg fruit, cocoplums, and over 50 varieties of mango. Numerous species of palms, cycads, and flowering trees are studied by scientists from the world over. The Kampong serves as the mainland campus for NTBG’s educational courses, as a living classroom used by universities and colleges for botany and horticulture courses, and is a popular spot for plant enthusiasts of all ages.

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FRANCESC FONT es ingeniero técnico agrícola por la Universidad de Girona. Tras varios años practicando la agricultura convencional en la finca familiar del Empordà, las constantes dificultades económicas y la observación del deterioro del entorno natural le llevaron poco a poco a interesarse por los métodos de producción que se engloban dentro de la “agricultura regenerativa”: manejo holístico, permacultura, gestión orgánica del suelo, entre otras. El éxito de la aplicación de estos métodos y el deseo de incentivar una transformación en el campo le impulsan desde entonces a impartir cursos y conferencias, así como a colaborar habitualmente en medios como el diario Menorca. Es fundador y codirector de la consultoría Agroassessor y director técnico de varias fincas agrícolas, como Can Font y Olirium en el Empordà, y Son Felip y Algaiarens en Menorca.